Double Sided Textured Shantung Dupioni and Shiny Satin Upholstery- Indian

Width: 54" SKU: SUPSAT_1625-365


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Antique Bronze Gold Taupe
Aqua Blue
Baby Blue
Banana Yellow
Bronze Taupe
Burgundy Red
Charcoal Grey
Cream Beige
Dark Aqua Blue
Dark Bronze Taupe
Dark Burgundy Red
Dark Cream Beige
Dark Gold Taupe
Dark Heather Grey
Dark Ivory Cream Beige
Dark Plum Purple
Dark Rose Pink
Dark Tan Taupe
Dusky Silver Grey
Dusty Bronze Taupe
Dusty Sage Green
Dusty Taupe
Eggplant Purple
Gold Taupe
Green Gold Taupe
Ivory Cream Beige
Khaki Taupe
Lavender Lilac Purple
Light Aqua Blue
Light Bronze Tan Taupe
Light Bronze Taupe
Light Charcoal Grey
Light Dusty Silver Grey
Light Dusty Taupe
Light Eggplant Purple
Light Ivory Cream Beige
Light Khaki Taupe
Light Lavender Lilac Purple
Light Lime Green
Light Olive Green
Light Peach Orange
Light Purple
Light Tangerine Orange
Light Taupe Yellow
Light Toffee Brown
Light Yellow
Mauve Purple
Mocha Taupe
Peach Orange
Platinum Silver Grey
Rose Gold Taupe
Rose Pink
Royal Blue
Rust Orange
Rust Red
Silver Grey
Tan Taupe
Coming in over 70 unique colors, our super satin is one-of-a-kind! Elegant, varied, and robust - our super satin is a fabric with depth and character. Very suitable for drapes, clothing, and interior decor.