Silk Shantung Indian Silk Upholstery

Width: 54" SKU: SILKSHANTUNG_767-365


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Antique Gold
Baby Blue
Bright Gold Taupe
Bright Red
Bright Red 2
Bronze Orange
Bronze Red
Burgundy Red
Caramel Brown
Carnation Pink
Chocolate Brown
Cocoa Brown
Cream Beige
Dark Bronze Orange
Dark Chocolate Brown
Dark Coffee Brown
Dark Cream Beige
Dark Cream Beige 711
Dark Dusty Olive Green
Dark Orange
Dark Peach Orange
Dark Red
Dark Tan Taupe
Dark Taupe
Deep Dark Eggplant Purple
Deep Red
Dusky Silver Green
Dusky Taupe
Dusty Cream Beige
Dusty Dark Olive Green
Dusty Green Taupe
Dusty Grey
Dusty Light Green Cedar
Dusty Light Green 779
Dusty Olive Green
Dusty Pastel Green
Dusty Sage Green
Dusty Tan Taupe
Dusty Taupe
Eggplant Purple
Gold Taupe
Gold Yellow
Ivory Cream Beige
Khaki Taupe 792
Khaki Taupe 726
Light Almond Brown
Light Asparagus Green Silk
Light Banana Yellow
Light Bronze Orange
Light Brown
Light Cocoa Brown
Light Copper Brown
Light Copper Brown 729
Light Copper Red
Light Gold Taupe
Light Gold Yellow Taupe
Light Heather Grey
Light Ivory Cream Beige
Light Khaki Brown 761
Light Khaki Brown 714
Light Khaki Taupe
Light Lime Green
Light Peach Pink
Light Rose Orange
Light Sage Green
Light Seafoam Green
Light Silver Grey
Light Tan Taupe
Light Taupe
Light Yellow
Magenta Pink
Mocha Brown
Off White
Pastel Green
Rose Gold Taupe
Rose Pink
Tan Gold Taupe
Tan Taupe
Warm Red Orange
Warm Taupe
Warm Yellow Taupe
White 785
More crisp and lustrous than regular dupioni, Silk Shantung is more suitable for delicate garments and pieces. Other uses: suits, coats for all occasions, dresses, wedding attire, as well as home decor and drapery.